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  • Custom Banner Birthday

    Custom Banners


    Graduation isn’t the only time you may need a banner!   Get custom-designed banners for: birthdays, anniversaries, someone coming home,  a team going to state playoffs . . .anytime you want to say something BIG!  Custom Banners are only $5 per square foot.

    ****If you are looking for a GRADUATION banner with lists of names for a party or your neighborhood, visit our Graduation Banners page.


    Stair Risers


    For Faster Turn-Around Time, Click Here to Order Stair Risers on etsy

    How much fun would it be to climb a stack of books!                                          Scroll down and watch my video!

    You can customize your stairs with book titles, authors and embellishments that add a unique flare to the walking experience. Just decide what paint color you want each book spine to be, pick the colors for the decals that will go on top, or let us assist you.  You will see a proof of your book titles, including representation of the paint colors (you need to decide on your paint colors when you order for best proofing).

    For Faster Turn-Around Time, Click Here to Order Stair Risers on etsy

    A staircase that has twelve stairs would require you to select a quantity of 12 in the Check Out section.  Depending upon where you live, and how tall your ceilings are, you can expect to need between 12 and 15 risers to finish your project. 

    Information I must have:  Height of the riser (the part of the stairs you don’t step on; usually around 8″ tall) — width of the riser (may be a narrow staircase of 24″ and might be as wide as 48″)   — $15 per riser for up to 48″ total width — The background color shown is the painted wood riser — Example — the Harry Potter book is two colors of purple paint underneath the decal wording.

    For Faster Turn-Around Time, Click Here to Order Stair Risers on etsy

  • Wall border at 1600

    Alphabet Wall Decals – whole set of 26


    Get the entire alphabet to add that perfect element of whimsy to any room or classroom. Our vinyl decals are durable and attractive ensuring even the most distracted tyke will just be drawn right in!  Size of grouping shown is approximately 60″ wide by 30″ tall.  Each letter averages 5″ tall.  Available in Primary or Pastel colors.

  • Monogram for product icon



    Everyone loves seeing their initials!  Custom monograms look good on just about everything. Whether it is for a wall, a car, a lunchbox or even your mailbox. We will give you a vinyl monogram that will be gorgeous no matter where you put it!

  • SUPPORT OUR TROOPS RIBBON cropped for icon use

    Military Decals


    Order a decal to honor someone you know who serves our country.  If you would like a different branch or design, email

  • SAIL a Y cropped to use as the product icon

    Sailing Decals


    I’d Rather Be Sailing!  Show off your sport or  support your local sailing group with one of these amazing decals!  If you want your boat # or different wording to an image above, email with specifics.

  • jumping split cropped for header icon use

    Cheer Decals


    Cheer decals can be designed individually or for a whole squad!  Orders of 10 or more may qualify for a team discount. Email for details on how to make Cheer decals a fundraiser for your organization!

  • FAIRY cropped for use as the product icon

    Light Switch Decals


    Add a touch of humor and whimsy to any light switch in the house with these cute and funny decals. Have another idea you would like to have? Maybe a message to your kids to turn off the lights?  Just ask!

  • Icon Birthday

    Birthday Signs


    Get the perfect sign to celebrate that special day! Just choose one of the designs shown, give us a name and an age and we’ll proof back to you! Some customizing is available on these layouts — choose any sport to replace the football; change colors or small graphics.  If you need a very specific set of elements on your sign, you might need to shop on the “Custom Sign” option.                                   Questions?

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